Content is King! 5 reasons you need a CMS

First of all, what is a CMS? A Content Management System is a web application designed to make it easy for non-technical users to add, edit, and manage a website. For small businesses especially, a web presence is the key to success. Potential new clients have to find you online, and your current customers will receive updates from your site. Here are five CMS aspects that make them truly indispensable.

  1. “Time is money” – I’m pretty sure everyone has heard this proverb, and probably more than once. Especially in New York, where everything is so intense and demanding, you need a solution that gets the job done fast. A CMS will streamline the process of putting your content online.
  2. Easy to maintain – Most of the CMS platforms use a special editor, pretty similar to Microsoft Word, called What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG). With this powerful tool, you can draft and post new content seamlessly, without needing to be a developer. You can embed images, audio files, or even videos in your post.
  3. Control over content – The site administrator can also assign different permissions to secondary users, allowing some users to manage content directly, while others would only be able to collaborate and wait for a supervisor approval. You can even provide some of your clients access to private information.
    In addition, if you’re concerned about the preservation of your content, some of the CMS platforms have a revision system, which retains a historical revision list, and lets you restore the content with just a click of the mouse.
  4. Customization – CMS platforms are also expandable with plugins. Plugins provide a wide range of functionality by default, functionality that would normally cost money to build from scratch.1 Different businesses require different web functionality, and these pre-made plugins allow you to do such things as capturing data from a custom form, sharing the content of your pages across social media platforms, even implementing e-commerce solutions. Once you have your CMS in place, there are free or inexpensive plugins that can help you achieve your goal. If your needed functionality is complex, it will still take a developer less time to harness the power of pre-built plugins to create your online masterpiece.
  5. ROI – Yes, building a site upon a CMS platform will cost more upfront. The catch is that you will save money as time passes, because updating the content and even implementing a new design theme is a much simpler process. Whether you decide to tackle the challenge of implementing a CMS platform on your own, or perhaps use a web agency with talented developers like those here at FLY (wink, wink), you will save money and headaches in the long run.
  6. Almost everything is better on a CMS – including user analytics, search engine optimization and visibility, speedy content delivery, etc.  In the end, remember – “Time is money!”

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