The Boomers Are Back…Part 2

The ‘60s kids: It’s still about values and ideals

The Baby Boomers may be aging – by 2030 all Boomers will be aged 70 and up – but they’re just as feisty as ever. What’s important to these former flower-children is the same now as it was in the ‘60s: quality of life. This is especially true for this groovy group when it comes to healthcare and technology. A recent AARP research initiative found that Baby Boomers have a unique relationship to technology that is different from any generation before or since. The resulting report explains that they are actively shaping the devices, software and service of tomorrow by choices they are making today.

It’s great to know that the commitment to values and ideals, which their generation stood for, are still at the forefront of driving change. Boomer ideals were forged in an era when human rights and individual freedoms were central concerns, and boomers apply that perspective to technology as well. As marketers we need to realize that, more so than their checkbooks, it’s the values and ideals of Baby Boomers that are shaping the future of – and, thus, the demand for – emerging medical technologies.

Long, Healthy Lives?

It may be true that, although Boomers are living longer, they are not necessarily living better. According to the CDC, by 2030, 14 million boomers will be living with diabetes, more than 30 million will be managing more than one chronic condition, over 26 million will live with arthritis and more than 21 million will be considered obese.

However, the good news is that despite these staggering statistics, the “hippest generation” will be more active and enjoying their later years thanks to the positive influence they’re having on emerging technologies.

How’s that, the younger generation may ask? Because Boomers see technology as a gift, not a given. They are less likely to take it for granted. They’re savvy consumers and want technology that reflects their values and helps them express those values with greater purpose, meaning and impact.

When new technology products enter the market that can help create the life baby boomers actually want, they become early adopters who help lead the way.

One thing is for sure. The Boomers have the numbers and the economic clout to make their technology choices matter. And more importantly, they believe that technology has the power to help bring about positive social change. They still believe in individual freedoms, and they see technology as a tool that people can use to improve their lives and make the world a better place. As they did back in the ‘60s, they still want to be part of a movement that helps make that happen.

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