The New Yorker – Mitch McConnell on Wild Turkey

New Yorker - Mitch McConnell - Wild Turkey

Being a judge sounds so boring. I just don’t think I’m up to listening to you talk about it.

I have another doctor’s appointment.

Mmm . . . just thinkin’ about a nice glass of bourbon right now.

Wild Turkey—give ’em the bird. (That’s a bourbon from Kentucky.)

Get it? Like, the bird is the “turkey” in the name of the bourbon, but it’s also slang for giving someone the finger.

I got really drunk on power last night.

I have a family dinner with some lobbyists.

I’m really broke and I can’t get lunch. (Twelve million dollars isn’t what it used to be.)

The doctor wants me to come in for an appointment every day for the next eight months.

There’s a rock in my shoe.

I have to go look at Wayne LaPierre’s collection of gun legislation that didn’t get passed.

I was planning to work on my autobiography, “Mitch McConnell: The Man Who Was a Senator, and Then Became Senate Majority Leader.”

I just think eight people on the Supreme Court sounds sexier.

I left the hat that I like to wear when I meet people at home.

The hat? It’s red and says, “The Name’s Mitch.”

It’s kind of a goofy icebreaker. Makes introductions less awkward, I think.

It also says, “McConnell is my last name,” on the back, so you get a chuckle when I turn around as well.

Even though I can’t meet because I don’t have the hat, I hope my telling you about it makes you realize that I’m a fun guy.

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